Macquarie Bank Business Loans Review: Fees and Features


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Macquarie Bank is an independent global financial services group. It offers a variety of business loans, including fixed-term loans, lines of credit, commercial overdrafts, real estate-backed loans and bank guarantees. The minimum amount that you can borrow with an overdraft is, while the loan amount for other loans is much larger. Macquarie Bank does not serve businesses in all industries. If you are not in industries like accounting, architecture, auto trade, engineering, financial services, health care, insolvency, insurance, law, real estate, management of strata, surveying, and technology, they might not be able to serve you. Rates and fees vary depending on the amount you borrow, the type of collateral provided, and the product you choose.

The different commercial loans offered by Macquarie Bank

  • Fixed term loan. If you’re looking to finance the growth and development of your business, a Macquarie Fixed Term Loan could help. Loans are available from $ 500,000 for terms of up to 5 years. Macquarie also offers flexible repayments and a diverse range of security options for borrowers.
  • Credit line. If you’re looking to increase your business’s working capital in the short to medium term, a secured line of credit may be right for you. Loans are available from $ 500,000 for terms of up to 5 years, and you only have to pay interest on what you withdraw.
  • Commercial discovery. Business owners looking for help with short-term cash flow fluctuations may choose to opt for a Macquarie Bank business overdraft. Approved limits start at $ 50,000 and interest is only charged on what you withdraw.
  • Loans secured by real estate. Businesses looking to invest in growth can opt for a commercial loan backed by commercial or residential real estate. Borrowers can finance the purchase of commercial property, investment property, or expand their business. The loan term can be extended up to 10 years as it depends on the purpose of the loan, the security and the type of borrower.
  • Bank guarantees. A Macquarie bank guarantee gives sellers the certainty of payment, thereby improving the company’s cash flow. Express Bank Guarantees are available for fully cash-backed guarantees. They also have no maximum limit for the amount of funds you can request.

Features and Benefits of a Macquarie Bank Business Loan

The features of a Macquarie Bank business loan vary depending on the loan product you choose. Some features that apply to all business loans include:

  • Specialized industry. Macquarie only works with companies in industries that she has a deep knowledge and understanding of. If you own a business in any of these industries, a loan from Macquarie Bank might be suitable for your business.
  • Prices and fees. Rates and fees may vary depending on the amount you borrow, the type of collateral provided, and the product you choose.

What other products does Macquarie Bank offer?

  • Home loans. Macquarie offers a wide range of convenient and unique home loans for people looking to buy a home, refinance or invest in a property.
  • Bank accounts. Macquarie has a wide variety of bank accounts, including transaction accounts, high interest savings accounts, and term deposits.
  • Private banking. High net worth individuals and families can opt for a private bank account with Macquarie.
  • Investment bank. If you are looking to open a business bank account, Macquarie may be able to help you with your needs.
  • Credit card. Macquarie Bank offers a Black Card, a Platinum Card and a Ratesaver Card to customers.
  • Auto loans. Macquarie offers financing for new and used car purchases.

How to Apply for a Business Loan from Macquarie Bank

To apply for a business loan with Macquarie, simply click “Go to Site” to visit the website directly and request a call back. To apply for business financing with Macquarie, you will need:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • An active ABN or ACN
  • Some form of loan guarantee

Other eligibility criteria, such as a minimum annual turnover and a minimum duration of activity may apply. All Macquarie business loan applicants are subject to credit approval. Before submitting an application, it is a good idea to compare other business financing options.


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