Can we have several car loans at the same time?


If you’re planning to turn your home into a two-car household, you may need financing to afford that second set of wheels. But is it possible to hold two or more car loans at once, and what effect might this have on your finances?

How many car loans can you have?

It is possible to have two auto credits. It is also possible to have more than two car loans. In theory, you can have as many car loans as you want, as long as your household budget can comfortably accommodate them.

That said, the more debt you already have, the less comfortable a lender may feel about you borrowing more money, in case your budget is stretched to the point where you can’t repay it. If you have a high debt-to-equity ratio (for example, you owe a lot more money than you earn annually from your job), it may be much more difficult to get a loan approved.

This is why auto finance providers need information about your finances when you apply for a car loan, and also why they do credit checks.

What do you need to apply for a second car loan?

Applying for your second car loan will likely involve a similar process to applying for your first car loan. Although the exact loan criteria depends on the lender, some of the common requirements include:

  • Personal information: Your name and address on your driver’s license or similar ID
  • Information about our income and expenses: Bank statements and similar documents
  • Car details: Make, model, age, condition, etc. If you are applying for a secured car loan, you may need to buy a car with a minimum value to secure the loan.
  • Assets and liabilities: Details of valuables you own (eg your home, other vehicles) and debts you owe (eg other car loans, personal loans, home loans and credit cards)
  • Credit check: Review your borrowing and repayment history

Keep in mind that if you only recently applied for your first car loan, applying for a second car loan soon after could cause problems for your credit score. Every credit application you make is recorded in your credit report – when a lender does a credit check, if they find that you have only recently applied for credit, this can be taken as a sign that you are having difficulty with your finances and are desperate for credit, which could see your application rejected.

To get a better idea of ​​how auto finance providers and other lenders view you as a borrower, you might consider accessing your credit scores for free.

How can you improve your chances of being approved for a second car loan?

The odds of your car loan application being approved or denied will depend on the lender and your financial situation, although there are a few steps you might consider taking to improve your odds, such as:

  • Maintain a low debt-to-income ratio: See if you can pay off other loans and/or cancel your credit cards, and look for ways to increase or supplement your income.
  • Maintain an excellent credit rating: Making sure you always pay your debts on time and generally stay in control of your finances can help improve your credit score.
  • Consider a secured car loan: A finance company may feel more comfortable approving an auto loan application if they’re confident they can get their money back if you can’t pay it back by repossessing and selling the vehicle.

Keep in mind that there may also be alternatives to taking out a second car loan, such as refinancing your mortgage to borrow more money or to access a line of credit.

Whenever you apply for a car loan, it’s important to compare the options available to get a better idea of ​​which choices are best for your needs.


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