Loans without BIK – in which companies

Loans without BIK – in which companies

In connection with the fact that I often discuss non-bank topics in Creative Finance, you ask me in emails about loan companies not checking BIK.

Today, I will look at such companies which, when verifying the borrower, do not negotiate with the Credit Information Bureau databases.

Which loans are available without BIK?


I will tell about this in today’s article, but first I will tell you why so many people are looking for this type of loan, why without BIK? This is mainly related to banks that once had exclusive customer verification through this database.

And what is there in the BIK databases? This is mainly information about borrowers and whether they currently have any debt in the form of a loan repaid in another bank or even a credit card or loan installments. There is also information about significant delays in loan repayment, usually those exceeding 30 days in installment repayment.

So if you repay any loan or installments and you have relatively low income, e.g. the lowest national income, you will most likely have problems with obtaining an additional cash loan.

The same applies to people with long delays in repayment

Of loan installments that were not paid on time.

Although Loan and Credit Bank does not carry out customer verification in BIK, it will instead check our data for debt in the National Debt Register, i.e. for unpaid invoices or bills. The company’s current offer includes long-term loans with a repayment period of up to 24 months. The maximum amount of loans available at Loan and Credit Bank is PLN 5,000.

We can count on a much larger amount of loans by submitting an application with Incredit and here the maximum limit can be up to PLN 10,000. Interestingly, as a new customer, we can use a specially prepared promotion under which we borrow the first loan for free. For new customers, however, the loan limit is up to PLN 2,000 and in order to take advantage of the free promotion, the entire borrowed amount must be returned within 60 days.

I will immediately point out


That Good Credit is not a loan with monthly installments, but a short-term loan, which is a popular payday loan which is payable only once. An advantage for this offer is the slightly extended repayment period which can be up to 45 days. You can borrow your first loan for free and the maximum limit for new customers can be up to PLN 2,500, with subsequent loans you will be able to borrow up to PLN 5,000.

Another of the loans for which the borrower’s BIK is not verified and people from 18 years of age have a chance of obtaining a loan. However, Good Finance does not grant large loans because the amounts available range from 300 to 1000 PLN and the repayment period is only one, namely 4 monthly installments. As reported to me, this is one of the more easily available loans, so if you have a problem with getting extra cash, you should definitely try it here.